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Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Wspierania Edukacji Dzieci i Młodzieży Omnibus

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42 8448 0004 0027 7196 2001 0001
(Bank Spółdzielczy w Pszczynie)

Account number:
68 1050 1399 1000 0090 3133 2464
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Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Wspierania Edukacji Dzieci i Młodzieży Omnibus

Bank ING

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IBAN: PL23 1050 1399 1000 0090 3133 2498

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IBAN: PL46 1050 1399 1000 0090 3133 2472

foreign currency account (British Pound GBP):
IBAN: PL12 1050 1399 1000 0090 8102 1819


SQD Alliance (formerly Team Prevent Poland) together with its partners – APiRA and Mrija, as well as their employees, is organizing a charity charity fundraising campaign for families from Ukraine. Our companies cooperate with several hundred people of Ukrainian origins . Feeling the responsibility for them, as well as the need to provide the most urgent support, we welcome the families of our employees and other people in need and organize their stay in our country. We support ongoing activities on the Polish-Ukrainian border by providing the most necessary products. In addition, we have made available the premises belonging to our company to be able to offer them to families.

so far we have helped over 356 people


The needs we face are enormous: equipping premises for residential use, daily hygiene products, products for toddlers, food, media, medical and psychological care, medicines, support from translators, official issues – all this led to the fact that we have also launched a fundraising campaign with the help of the Association for the Support of Children and Youth “Omnibus” from Pszczyna . It is possible to support our initiative both through an online moneybox and a traditional transfer. Detailed data and bank account numbers can be found on the right.


Below is a detailed list of products that are most needed today. The collection is carried out at the headquarters of our company in Pszczyna, at Batorego 19 Street.

If you wish to provide us with in-kind gifts, please send them to:

SQD Alliance Sp. z o.o.
Batorego 19, 43-200 Pszczyna, Poland


If you want to support us also in the form of volunteering, help to sort gifts, organize animations for children or support us in a different form, write to us: or call +48 504 084 671.


People or companies that need confirmation of a financial or property donation, can contact us at – we will provide all the necessary documents.


The number of individuals, companies and institutions that have already helped us and are still volunteering to support us is huge. We are not able to name every person, so we would like to thank everyone for their support – your help is invaluable.

"Omnibus" Association from Pszczyna

Municipal Engineering Enterprise in Pszczyna

Polish Red Cross, branch in Bielsko-Biała

Restaurant BAZAR U Koziołka

Bakery-Confectionery Kondzielnik from Jankowice

Volunteer Fire Department "Dziedzice" w Czechowice-Dziedzice

Czechowice-Dziedzice community

SANUS clinic in Pszczyna

Pizzeria Pigallo in Czechowice-Dziedzice

Dentistry Klaudia Zaremba in Pszczyna

Alfa Elektro

Bakery-Confectionery "u Brzęczka" from Pszczyna

SEGRO Poland

Bakery-Confectionery Jasiek from Pszczyna


Laundry room "Pod Kasztanami"

Restaurant "Sułtan" in Pszczynie

Dzida Produkt – family farm in Goczałkowice

Alma Spółka Jawna in Pszczyna

Cafeteria "U Kmiecia" in Pszczyna


Metalzbyt-Hurt Bielsko-Biała

Translation Studio "Kooperacja"

Med Campus

Zentral Radiologie Instytut in Austria

LESZCZ ASSOCIATION - The fishing section at Huta Łabędy S.A.

Karczma Wiejska from Jankowice

Caritas Polska, branch of Pszczyna

Association „Dziewuchy na wypadzie”

Institute of Postgraduate Studies

Art Baumanagement GmbH, Bad Vilbel; Adam Krollik, Waldemar Emmerling

Employees of Merck in Darmstadt, GCDS branch

Kindertagesstätte Himmelsbogen from Frankfurt

Spielmannszug Eisenberg / Pfalz in Eisenberg Rheinland Pfalz

BIT- Technologies Katowice

LONTEX Czechowidze-Dziedzice

University of Silesia in Katowice - Faculty of Social Sciences (lecturers and students)

PIK Jankowice

Gesang und Musikring Eisenberg e.V. 1911

Private Kindergarten Colored Crayons in Tychy

BAM Nuttall LTD i ich pracownicy

Mr. Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk with his neighbors and friends from Brühl


22 April 2022

Ligota – Support from BAM Nuttall LTD and their employees

11 April 2022

Ligota – Art classes in our center

7 April 2022

Germany – Thank you for your help Gesang und Musikring

5 April 2022

Ligota – Our volunteers – thank you!

29 March 2022

Ligota – We would like to thank companies and private persons who still support our activities

28 March 2022

Bielsko-Biała – A priceless smile when we find a new home for our friends from Ukraine

24 March 2022

Ligota – Spring has come to our center

23 March 2022

Germany – Collection organized by the Himmelsbogen kindergarten in Frankfurt

23 March 2022

A collection organized in the city of Brühl, initiated by Mr. Krystian Kaczmarczyk – together with their neighbors and friends, they collected a lot of gifts. Thank you!

22 March 2022

Germany – Our collection is also supported by Spielmannszug Eisenberg

22 March 2022

Germany – Donations organized by our friends in Germany

19 March 2022

Pszczyna – New entrepreneurs support our activities

18 March 2022

Ligota – Dzięki wolontariuszom możemy tak aktywnie działać

16 March 2022

Ligota – There are people who help both in Poland and abroad

15 March 2022

Sankt Augustin (Germany) In Germany, there are also fundraising events for Ukraine

14 March 2022

Chernihiv (Ukraine) – Before and after photos of the bombed city

13 March 2022

Ligota – Fun for the youngest with our friend Kasia

12 March 2022

Ligota – Volunteer, our employees and guests from Ukraine in action

11 March 2022

Pszczyna – Companies, their owners and employees with a big heart. Thank you!

10 March 2022

Chernihiv (Ukraine) – Pictures from our friend Mikhail

10 March 2022

Ligota – Doctors and lifeguards regularly visit our guests

8 March 2022

Ligota – Special women’s day

8 March 2022

Ligota – Little heroes

7 March 2022

Lviv – Railway station

7 March 2022

Ligota – Our temporary facility has more and more guests

5 March 2022

Czernigov (Ukraine) – Information from our friend Alexey from TeamSuprema

5 March 2022

Ligota – Fun for the youngest with an animator

4 March 2022

Polish-Ukrainian border – Support on the border

4 March 2022

Czernigov (Ukraine) – Photos from our friends from Ukraine

3 March 2022

Ligota – Volunteers support our activities

2 March 2022

Ligota – Collection and segregation of gifts

2 March 2022

Ligota – We check the health of our guests and provide necessary medical assistance

28 February 2022

Pszczyna – Collection of gifts at the headquarters of SQDA

27 February 2022

Ligota – The first guests from Ukraine

25 February 2022

Gliwice – Collection of gifts in the office of our partner companies APiRA and Mrija